Small Groups – Spring 2021

Small Groups are where people get together to make new friends, share a passion, or to ‘explore faith together.’ 

Due to Covid 19 and it’s restrictions, it has been decided that the majority of the Small Groups will roll over into next term. If you are already in groups, you will have talked about this within your groups over the last few weeks. If you are staying put you DO NOT need to sign up again this time. If you haven’t joined a group before, or are looking to change groups, or sign up for extra groups, please take a look at the choices here.

Sign ups are open from Sunday 3rd January 2021, on here, or by email or telephone via the Church office, but before then please feel free to browse through the forthcoming groups.


DG60: Ladies’ Group (Evening)

Hosted by Yvonne

Monday Evenings

We will be studying some of the “Men of the Bible” and will have a time for prayer. We will also have a time to catch up and chat, and support one another.

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DG61: The Furnell Group

Hosted by Chris + Bob

Tuesday Evenings

We aim to offer a place to share, receive and give, prayer, Bible Study, build community, relax and enjoy social times on Zoom.

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DG62: The GPB Group

Hosted by Mike, Heather, Kev + Veneice

Wednesday Evenings

As Sunday sermons are so good, we will usually do a brief follow up study, prayer and also will share screen for some sung worship. We offer daily support through a VERY active WhatsApp group.

Click here for more details, but please note this group is currently full

DG63: Ladies’ Group (Morning)

Hosted by Yvonne

Thursday Mornings

We will be studying each Sunday’s preaching and how it applies to our own lives.  There will be a time for prayer. We will also have a time to catch up and chat, and support one another.

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DG64: Youth Cell

Hosted by Rob

Thursday Evenings

Youth discipleship group for school years 10-13

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Hosted by Ellen + Esther

Friday Afternoons

A group for Parents And Little-ones (pre-school children); a bible study group to share faith and support each other.

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DG66: Mens’ Bible Reading Group

Hosted by Steve

Daily online

Are you new to the Christian faith? Do you find it difficult making time to read the Bible every day? Would you benefit from some collective encouragement? Our aim…to read every day, in the hope that it will keep us focused on the Lord’s word and together learn more about Him.

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CO60: The Marriage Course

Hosted by Cliff + Esther

Monday Evenings

A flexible, four-part, video-based resource that explores how a couple can build and enrich their relationship

The key themes explored in the four sessions are:
• The forgotten vow and how to keep your love alive.
• Understanding each other and the art of communication.
• Dealing with pressure points and handling conflict well.
• Love is a choice when the going gets tough.

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CO61: These 3 Things

Hosted by Gill

Tuesday Afternoons

This is a 6 week course, in which we will cover the following themes …

• Who am I?
• Do I matter?
• What’s the point?
• Self-worth
• Security
• Significance

Click here for more details, but please note this course has been postponed.

CO62: Alpha Online

Hosted by Steve

Tuesday Evenings

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.  

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IG60: Families’ Group

Hosted by Paul + Michelle

Tuesday Evenings + Weekend

Our group is a place for families with young children to support and build relationships with others at a similar stage in life.

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IG61: Men’s Shed

Hosted by Bill

Friday Mornings

The focus is for men who want to spend time learning how to use tools and to make items from wood.  Opportunities for guys to share life’s experiences & challenges in a Christian setting.  Ideal for single guys who have never worked with wood.

Click here for more details, but please note this group is currently full

IG62: Scores on the Doors

Hosted by Gareth

Saturday Evenings

A fortnightly quiz for anyone who likes a challenge! Come on your own or be part of a team

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Why join a Small Group?
We think Small Groups are a really great way of connecting with lots of different people in both our church and local community. By being part of a small group you can:

  • Meet new people
  • Feel part of a great community
  • Learn from the Bible
  • Develop a deeper knowledge of God’s love for you
  • Enjoy a range of groups, including interest groups


  • What if I don’t know what group to join? Feel free to chat to leaders to find out more about them and their small group. Alternatively, speak to either Mike Sladen or Jo Sharman, our Small Group Overseers, who’d be really pleased to help you.
  • Will I get my choice? We will make every effort to accommodate everyone. We’ll let you know if your choice of group(s) is full and help place you elsewhere.
  • How long have I got to book? Groups begin the week beginning the 18th January 2021. We encourage you to book early, as some groups may be popular and we don’t want you to miss out. Bookings for most groups will close on 10th January 2021 in order to give leaders time to confirm details such as venue, start date and time.