Prayer Focus – January 2021

24 Hour Day Of Prayer

Many of you will remember that back in June of this year we held a 24-hour Day Of Prayer event from which we gained much positive feedback. We are going to hold another such event on Saturday 9th January 2021 and it would be wonderful if we were able to once again fill each of the 24-hour slots across the day with at least one person committed to prayer. 

We are all journeying through difficult times at the moment, some more so than others yet we all have so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to want to spend time with our Lord giving Him thanks and praise for all that He has done and is doing for each of us. Among other things, we need to be praying for:

  • the coming year,
  • the life of our church,
  • our community, for our nation,
  • our leaders,
  • the way ahead during this pandemic, and
  • whatever situations lie upon each of our hearts.

If you are able and would like to commit to praying for an hour during this 24-hour Day Of Prayer on Saturday 9th January then please contact Julian Thomas via email and state which time or times you would like to cover.

Prayer Space

On Saturday 9th January and Sunday 10th January we will have a Prayer Space activity set up in the church hall (the area where we would usually gather for coffee after the service) with individual prayer stations for attendees to focus on and communicate with God. People will be able to attend anytime between the hours of 1pm to 6pm on each of the two days.

All Covid-19 secure guidelines and procedures will be in place for this event including Track and Trace which means that attendees will have to book in advance stating the time that they wish to attend and on which day.

The contact for this event is Gill Reeves and to make a booking please use her email address  It would be a good idea if people could bring their own pen and piece of paper with them when attending to be able to make notes of any words, thoughts or reflections that might come to them while attending. We will need the help of volunteers to manage the hours that this event will be open on each day and if you would like to help out then please contact Gill via her email address above.