DG106: 12 Encounters with God

Gareth and Helen Godfrey will be hosting this group, which meets on Thursday evenings, weekly from 7.45-9.30pm at Dartmoor Way, Biggleswade.

When we become a Christian we are often told that God will be the best friend we ever have.  He will be there for us when others fail us, He will be our Rock, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But what does it really mean to be a friend of Jesus?  Do we really know God? Why does He seem distant at times? And why does He not always turn up when I ask Him to, yet often turns up unannounced making life more complicated?

Based on the book God is Stranger, by Krish Kandiah, we will be working through 12 different biblical encounters where people met with God. In the process they found out that God was not who they thought He was. Take Abraham, who invited 3 strangers for dinner and got more than he bargained for. Or what about Jacob, who wrestled with a stranger and won the fight.

Come and join with others to talk about these encounters and prayerfully consider how they impact our lives today. 

NB You don’t need to read the book to be in this group (but it is a good read).

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