Of no reputation

Posted on January 11th, 2018 by Biggleswade Baptist Church

He made Himself of no reputation Philippians 2:7

I don’t often put posts on Facebook, but when I do, it’s those with photos of my two little grandchildren that always get the most ‘likes.’ Apparently some people get a bit obsessed about how many ‘likes’ they get. Inside humanity’s fallen nature is a deep, driven desire for popularity – to be liked. It feels good!

Jesus on the other hand seemed to shun popularity, often withdrawing to the wilderness places. He lived in such assurance of Who He was in relation to His Father that He needed no ‘likes’ to keep Him going, and was deliberate and delighted to make Himself of no reputation.

Reputation, good, bad or in between, will in many ways define us and thereby affect or even control our behaviour. Reputation, what others think and say about us may well squeeze us into that mould never freeing us to be released in God’s thoughts concerning us or His words over us.

Out of all people I find that I am most impressed by Jesus – the One who made Himself of no reputation. Maybe we can let go any need to live up to (or down to!) our reputation, and live out our identification with Him.