Here’s to the Mums

Posted on March 22nd, 2020 by blogpost

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My wife posted this on facebook this morning, and to be honest its better than anything I could have written for Mothering Sunday! So with her permission, here are some wise words for today…

“Mothering Sunday can be a tough day for people at the best of times, and my thoughts and prayers always go out to those who find it difficult, for all manner of reasons. This year it is harder for so many more of us, forced not to be able to share the day with our mums, or our children by an insidious virus – but this is just one day. For others, this is a reality day in day out. So whilst it’s hard, let’s remember those who feel the pain of being childless on a daily basis, those who long for their mum’s presence again, those who have loved and lost… Lord may we look to You for strength and comfort, not just today but every day, and may we know what it fully means to be Loved Beyond Measure.”

God bless, stay well


Martin (and Ali)

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