“I’m Not A Robot”

Posted on July 27th, 2020 by blogpost

Only a select group of you will have logged on to this year’s Virtual Holiday Bible Club (advert above) – but if you want to take a peep it’s still available on our Facebook page, where you can see how crazy and creative people at this Church can be! The club talked a lot about the importance of Friendship – and friendship with Jesus as the ultimate goal for each and every one of us to find our fulfilment and purpose in life – a friendship that is offered to us by Jesus, but one we have to choose to accept.

And that’s the basic difference between us and robots isn’t it? We have the freedom to choose right or wrong, good or evil; they don’t. Robots simply do what they are programmed, or told, to do. 

Over the years people have wondered why God didn’t make people more like robots, so that we would do what He wants us to do and not make a mess of our world, our communities or our own lives. God could have done that, and it would have made life easier for us all, Him included. But it would also rob life of so much more, which is why He chose not to make us like robots. 

In 1 John 4 we read that, “God is love” and that “love comes from God.” (go on, look it up!). And in 1 Corinthians 13 we are given a list of things that love is (again, look it up). One thing love is not is overbearing; nor is it domineering; nor does it force it’s will on others. One of the best illustrations of this is in the film “Bruce Almighty” where Bruce is given all of God’s powers but cannot force his ex-girlfriend to love him. Love always leaves a choice – what the theologians call “free will.” 

Because He is love, and because He loves us, God creates us with the freedom to receive or reject His love. That’s right – He makes Himself vulnerable to rejection from us, even though He has gone to the greatest lengths possible to woo us, even allowing His Son to come to earth as one of us, and to die for our sins in our place before raising Him from the dead, declaring that Love, His love, wins.

This also means that God created us, you and meto be loved, and to love in return. We’re worth something, and our lives are not some random accident – they actually mean something to God. I am so glad that God chose to give us this freedom, and not make us like robots, aren’t you? Maybe you could stop for a while, reflect on that, and if you have never done it before, choose to receive God’s love for yourself in Jesus. And if you’ve already done that, take time to give thanks to God that you’re not a robot – and think about how you could share this Good News with someone else.

And before I sign off, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made Robot Club possible.

God bless, stay well



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