I Just Called To Say…

Posted on April 2nd, 2020 by blogpost

I Just Called To Say…

I was blown away today. Please forgive me, I’m not name-dropping, but I had a phone call from Gavin Calver (Big boss of the Evangelical Alliance, a national body supporting Churches and Christians). Fleetingly the thought flashed through my mind that he might want me to do something in partnership with EA during the current crisis. But no, he was ringing me because EA have decided to phone all their member churches, and individual members, to see how they are getting on in these strange times – and he was calling me because he had recently been here to preach. And it wasn’t just a five minute chat but a proper conversation with him asking about how I, and BBC, are coping with the challenges of Coronavirus Britain.

I put the phone down feeling encouraged, uplifted, and cared for. Now I know we have several ways in which we are keeping in touch, but Gavin’s call made up my mind for me over something I have been pondering for a little while – giving as many of you as I have contact details for –  a personal phone call to see how you are doing. Now, please don’t just sit by your phone waiting for the call like an MP in a reshuffle hoping to get a cabinet job – there’s quite a lot of people to contact but I give you my word that I will work through our contact list and have a chat with each and every one of you over the next few weeks. 

And while you’re waiting for me to call you, why don’t you call someone else? Maybe even someone outside your own friendship group who you wouldn’t normally speak to? And don’t restrict it to church folk – call a family member, a friend, a neighbour. Let’s spread some love and light into people’s lives in whatb wouold normally be our Easter holidays.  It’s such a simple thing to do, and many of us have more time on our hands at the moment. Go on, give it a go…be a blessing to someone else!

God bless, stay well



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