He Leads Me…

Posted on April 4th, 2020 by blogpost

Beside Still Waters Painting by Greg Olsen

We’re staying with Psalm 23 today, following on from yesterday’s theme. In particular I’m thinking about “He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” I was told a long time ago now that sheep are afraid of moving water, so that the Shepherd would have to dig out the side of a river bank and create a calm pool before they would go and drink. I have often used this image at funerals to hopefully bring comfort to families in the midst of what is obviously a very stressful time; but it’s also something that we can receive for our daily lives, especially but not exclusively while we find ourselves in unusual circumstances. 

Let’s be honest – not everyone is enjoying all this “free” time, are they? Single mums or dads with no one else to help them look after their children for who knows how long; grandparents unable to see their grandchildren apart from on a screen; people who live alone anyway; people who are anxious, or already ill…the list goes on, and that’s before mentioning NHS Staff, Firefighters, Police, Shop Staff, Bin Men, Posties, and everyone else who has found their workload has actually shot up.

All of these people, and more, need to hear this verse today. It feels like a roaring stream has cut you off from everything that seems normal, and it’s so fast and wide that it can actually be quite scary. But you need to face up to it or you won’t get the refreshment you need. To you the Bible says let God, the LORD who is our Shepherd, lead you to a place of quiet waters – mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Let Him dig out the side of the river bank so that you can rest, drink, and be refreshed. Take your concerns to Him, and He will hold them for you and deal with them with you. He knows what you need, and He is more than able to provide it.

So whatever your situation, know that the Shepherd is with you and is waiting to lead you to those quiet waters, even in the midst of all the noise and pressure of life as it is right now. And remember that He LEADS you – He goes before you into everything, facing it before you do. You are not alone.

God bless, stay well



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