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Posted on March 24th, 2020 by blogpost

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Even though we expected it, last night’s announcement from Boris has sent shockwaves around the country, and something definitely “changed” in the atmosphere. We were on a video call with our daughters and their husbands and could see it on their faces. Where do you go for comfort when you can’t go anywhere? Who can you turn to for a hug when you are not allowed to get near anyone, never mind have physical contact?

Jesus. The answer is Jesus. Always. He knows us inside out (Psalm 139v13-16). He knows what makes us tick. He knows how we feel right here, and right now. And He holds His arms out wide to embrace us, and He promises to share our burdens and give us rest from our fears and worries – nothing is too big for Him, and nothing is too small. All we have to do is heed His words… go to Him, use some of the extra time you might have to spend with Him; look to Him, meditate on His love, His power, His grace, His sacrifice for you, His resurrection from the dead (also for you). Rest, be still, in His presence. Worship Him. Thank Him. Ask Him for help. He doesn’t say He might give us rest, but that He will.

When was the last time you had the opportunity to truly rest in His presence? Could that be His gift to you at this time of lockdown and isolation? What might He be wanting to say, or do, in your life?

If you haven’t discovered it yet, I really recommend the “lectio 365” app to aid in daily prayer. I also recommend getting hold of some worship music to point you to God, or something like David Crowder’s “Come As You Are”. Tell Jesus your struggles, your fears. Give Him your burdens. Find rest in His presence and in the embrace of the Holy Spirit.

here’s a prayer from today’s Lectio 365…”unshakeable God, you are my ever-present help in times of trouble. Amidst all the isolation, grief and fear caused by this crisis, renew in me your peace, restore to me your perspective, and reveal to me your presence as I spend (this) time with you now.

God bless, stay well


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